Friday, July 25, 2008

28th Birthday Aquarium Haiku

It's hard to tell the difference
between surprise and solidity
in a fish eye.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

James Belflower & Anne Heide Reading Friday, July 25th

If you're reading this post and live in the Denver area, you should come check out what promises to be a great reading:

James Belflower & Anne Heide at the Dikeou Collection (

The Colorado Building
1615 California Street (at 16th)
Suite 515
Denver, CO 80202

Show starts at 7pm. We'll be there. Will you?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another Naropa Summer Writing Progam Comes to a Close

You may have noticed that we of the blog have been largely absent from our electronic abode over the past few weeks. That is because we were finishing up another word-filled summer writing program at Naropa (my fourth, Jen's second) and enjoying a week of well-deserved rest afterwards. As always, it was a 4-week maelstrom of literary intrigue and we are only just now starting to recover.

Indeed, as I write this post, JenMarie is diligently transcribing our interview with Linh Dinh which will be appearing in the Fall issue of Fact-Simile. In addition, we are on the verge of a major web-revision that I will be announcing via e-mail in the coming days. Items of note will include:

Fact-Simile "Avant Guard" Baseball Tees
Apothecary Week 3 "Belladonna"
& Michael Koshkin's "Om Folk Came"

So if you're not on the Fact-Simile Email list yet and you'd like to know more about these and other new releases, please drop us a line at the email below:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Faux-Vintage-Original Baseball Raglan Tees Now Available!

I almost forgot to mention the most exciting news of the day:

Faux-Vintage-Original Baseball Raglan Tees are now available from Fact-Simile!

With any luck we will have pictures up on the website tonight, but Kristin Prevallet and Selah Saterstrom are reading up in Boulder this evening, promises. I will, however, be advertising these jazzy numbers at the reading and we will have them available at our table this Friday at the Naropa Book Signing.

Apothecary: A Success

I am pleased to announce that our weekly summer journal, Apothecary has continued to be a success. Week 1 (laudanum) is officially out of print and their are only 2 copies of Week 2 (snake oil) left for purchase. So if you're on the Naropa Campus this week, find JenMarie Davis in the smoking area and ask if you can buy one of these limited edition literary supplements!

In the unlikely event that we have leftovers after the SWP, we will make them available through paypal on our website, so check back in August.

Also, as the print-edition pill bottles sell out, we will make their contents available on the "Issues" section of our website (

Thanks for all your support!