Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Points/Counterpoints Reviewed by Lilliputians

The good folks at The Lilliput Review were recently kind enough to share some words regarding Fact-Simile's first E-book, Points/Counterpoints from Ed Baker.

The Story of the Copier

JenMarie sent me a craigslist posting last week for a FREE COPIER. Being something of a natural skeptic, I raised one eyebrow as I dialed the number furiously.

It connected me to the voicemail of one Upper Pecos River Watershed Preservation Association and a very nice woman named Lexie. I left a long rambling message about Fact-Simile and how much this machine would mean to us and, a few days later on my birthday, I got a call back. So I leave work early and convince a friend to help me move the thing, also for free. It being my birthday after all.

Anyway, on the way to our destination, a true New Mexican monsoon moves in and the road conditions approach whiteout. Realizing the precariousness of our situation and the sensitive nature of the cargo at hand, we stop at the first Dollar General we see and buy a dropcloth, two shower curtains and a roll of fake duct tape. We arrive to find the copier in working order and, indeed, FREE. So we load it up onto the truck in two halves and wrap it up tight and tie it down to the back of the cab. Of course, by now it has stopped raining. The rest of the ride is bone dry.

Our wrapping job is so good that, when we get it back to my garage, we decide it would be a damn shame to waste the dollar store shower curtains and duct tape and, since we have one more set of hands, we might as well try and take it all down at once.

Monday, July 13, 2009

CounterExample Poetics

At the risk of chasing away our readership, I urge you to go check out CounterExample Poetics and some of the exciting work contained!