Sunday, June 21, 2009

Points/Counterpoints Reader Review

Below you will find a reader review of Fact-Simile's first E-book Points/Counterpoints by Ed Baker.

A. Upon first read of “Points/Counterpoints” by E. Baker the skidding was terrific.
A1. (I cud pick my own velocity with mind’s accelerator-foot)
B. View surprisingly cl-ear from all windows.
B2. (I kud see my own mindscape reflected back frrrruum his sidewalk windows {both sides of his street})
C. I never got snow tired from burning the gassamer pages.
C2. (I had an amusement park time playing hyde-n-seik in his banyan paper forest)
D. More Illustrator than texter, he could carve my gravestone better than I.
D2. (Let the man pass onto the nexd square on his board, $200 in his shoe)

To read the text and judge for yourself, CLICK HERE.