Friday, April 24, 2009

House Press Still Accepting Submissions for SM04.

To view SM03 click HERE.

Included in the upcoming SM04:

Veneration of Saint Sylvia (Izzy Oneiric)
Excerpts from n7ostradamus (Travis Macdonald)
Text For Nothing, But Cut-Up (Nico Vassilakis)
NYTimes Headlines (Russell Pascatore)
NYTimes Headlines (David Mauro)
The Well-Equipped Pad (Damian Weber)
Formation of Bogs (E.J. McAdams)
Man Thinks "Woman" (SAM OR SAMANTHA YAMS)
The Art of Marriage (by Tim and Beverly LaHaye by Chall Gray)
Formation of Bogs (E.J. McAdams)
Pearls (Karin Falcone)
& work by Meghan Raham and Jonathan Skinner

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The O Mission Repo inspires acts of erasure in public schools!

I was recently delighted to have my attention brought to the following online article on (Poets & Writers Dot Com) as part of their extended consideration of The O mission Repo.

Apparently several roomfulls of high school students in New Hampshire were locked inside the school and not allowed to leave for Xmas break until they all wrote erasure poems. Sounds crazy, right? Check it out now.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reading Thanks and Equinox Updates

Many thanks, first and foremost, to those who turned out for last Saturday's reading. JenMarie and I were both relieved that the weather held off enough for us to get there, so seeing everyone else who turned out was a pleasant surprise indeed!

Jen is currently up in Boulder putting the finishing touches on Bombay Gin and her graduate thesis, but when she returns we will be reading all the wonderful submissions to our first annual chapbook contest and putting together the spring 2009 issue of Fact-Simile, so stay tuned!