Monday, August 20, 2012

Poetry Trading Card #32: Kenneth Goldsmith

Fact-Simile Poetry Trading Card #32 features a new poem from that uncreative genius of conceptual verse: Kenneth Goldsmith.
Kenneth Goldsmith Poetry Trading Card
Kenneth Goldsmith is the author of more than ten books including, most recently the American trilogy: The Weather (2005), Traffic (2007) and Sports (2008). He is also, among other things, the founding editor of UbuWeb, the largest web-based educational resource for avant-garde material available on the internet

This new poem ("Fund Family Dly YTD") by Kenneth Goldsmith is featured on the back of August's Poetry Trading Card from Fact-Simile Editions.

Every Fact-Simile Poetry Trading Card is printed on recycled paper and available for just 99 cents on our website. Subscriptions to the entire 2012 series are available at a discount and, as always, our 2010 and 2011 Poetry Trading Cards are still available individually or as a complete set.

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