Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cecilia Vicuna Poetry Trading Cards

October wouldn't be complete without a treat for your poetry sweet tooth from Fact-Simile...We're pretty sure Cecilia Vicuña Poetry Trading Cards should do the trick!

Cecilia Vicuña is a visual artist and author of 16 books of poetry, including: Palabrarmas (RIL 2005), I Tu (Tse-tse, 2004) and Instan (Kelsey St Press, 2003). She performs and exhibits her work widely in Europe, Latin America and the US. She is also a political activist and founding member of Artists for Democracy.

Patterned after a 1981 Fleer baseball card design, Cecilia Vicuña's poetry trading card features a photo by James O'Hern and a new poem titled "The Shadow of a Loom" on the reverse side.

Fact-Simile Poetry Trading Cards are printed on recycled cardboard and available for just 99 cents on our website. Subscriptions to the entire 2013 Poetry Trading Card Series are available at a discount and, as always, our 2010, 2011 and 2012 Poetry Trading Cards are still available individually or as complete sets.