Friday, June 13, 2008

Apothecary summer series

Dear everyone,

This is Jen, not Travis.  I write on this blog, too.  This is my first post.  My diction, sentence length, and blogging tone will be different from his.  That will be how you know it's me. 

Anyhow, Partner-in-crime and I have decided to release, during the Naropa Summer Writing Program, a seasonal journal (a series of four) in theme (it's called Apothecary).  

A note on origin: 
Travis wanted to call it Viscera and have themes like "The Liver Issue" and "Pancreas."  There was even talk of disease.  I was driving the car through the mountains during this discussion (we had just passed the Stagestop Inn, nearer to lakes and train tracks)  and he was my passenger).  When I said "No. I will not theme a journal 'pancreatic cancer,'" he did not argue (my driving strikes fear in his heart, and he had a grease-full belly from hamburgers and macaroni with cheese and we were approaching cliffs and passes).  (This is not entirely true, he argued a little and laughed a lot at my abhorrence of his crass suggestions).

I am not as controversial and therefore not as cool as Travis.  So, the journal is called Apothecary.  You should submit!  Please send your submissions to me at  

Also, an unrelated note on videos: 
Travis and I purchased a video camera for Fact-Simile event and activity posterity.  
If you would like to, you may view videos that I took of the Fact-Simile release party readings and festivities.  Caution: I've a shaky hand. 

That's enough.  Have a good day, okay? 

Take care, 

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