Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fact-Simile Presents Apothecary!

Greetings friends, enemies and the indifferent-

We here at Fact-Simile are pleased to announce that the launch of Apothecary was a resounding success. Thanks to some great content from our contributors and a great crowd at the Naropa SWP, the first issue is officially out of print!

Never fear, order to help get the word out on this endeavor, we are currently working to get the first (and subsequent) issue online over at We'll keep you posted on this front in the coming days.

And, of course, we will continue to offer the limited edition hard copy pill bottle in the coming weeks for all you lucky Naropa folks.

For those interested in submitting to this unique publication, please send up to 5 pages of original, previously unpublished work to


The Editors

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