Wednesday, September 3, 2008

DNC aftermath and a little economic venting

You will be happy to hear, dear readers, that JenMarie and I survived the 2008 DNC without injury or incarceration. Unless, of course, you consider the effect of all that whiskey on one's liver...

Some folks were not so lucky from what I understand: The Denver Police had a sweet little "daycare" racket running throughout the festivities. Apparently, your one constitutionally guaranteed phone call has to be to a land-line and with the modern cell-phone phenomenon in full effect, a number of party-goers found themselves in impromptu prison for the duration of the event...

And though we were unable to get The O Mission Repo out in time to take our share of the Democratic dollars, it appears as if only a handful of local businesses benefited from this media circus anyway...namely those already affluent establishments clustered around the convention center who (gawd knows) needed the boost. Of course, that little tidbit should come as no surprise to anyone who's been paying any attention in this country over the past 30 years and beyond.

To you observant citizens, it should come as no surprise that the middle class is being stretched to obsolescence by the meteoric rise of the first percentile. As the rich get inevitably richer (it takes money to make money) the poor are left to piece together their subsistence from increasingly meager table scraps.

This notion, in itself, is nothing new. The inertia of vested interests has been directing the course of history for several thousands of years. However, if we turn our modern lens to the present state of gross, world-wide population increase, it should become fairly clear that the only way most of us (or our distant descendants) will ever have a chance of joining those vaulted ranks is to populate every planet from here to Pluto. Of course, the majority would still be pushing brooms and cleaning toilets in this galaxy and the next...but at least we could all take comfort in the notion that a few more folks are living the dream.

Side-Note: I am composing this post from my new position in a six-person cubicle, where I crank out mountains of mindless ad copy for classified listings nationwide. Yes, today is Saturday and I am a sucker who won't have Health Insurance for another 86 days.

Sign me up for the next flight to Uranus, because I think this is shitty.

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