Friday, April 24, 2009

House Press Still Accepting Submissions for SM04.

To view SM03 click HERE.

Included in the upcoming SM04:

Veneration of Saint Sylvia (Izzy Oneiric)
Excerpts from n7ostradamus (Travis Macdonald)
Text For Nothing, But Cut-Up (Nico Vassilakis)
NYTimes Headlines (Russell Pascatore)
NYTimes Headlines (David Mauro)
The Well-Equipped Pad (Damian Weber)
Formation of Bogs (E.J. McAdams)
Man Thinks "Woman" (SAM OR SAMANTHA YAMS)
The Art of Marriage (by Tim and Beverly LaHaye by Chall Gray)
Formation of Bogs (E.J. McAdams)
Pearls (Karin Falcone)
& work by Meghan Raham and Jonathan Skinner

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