Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Archivist by James Kerley

I have just spent the past hour or so navigating the delightful maze that is James Kerley's The Archivist. Mr. Kerley has managed to configure a virtual poetic choose-your-own-adventure and program it into an interactive online experience. The reader begins by charting their journey through the home page map, a heavily notated affair which is accompanied by arcane bits of disparate text, whose meaning manages to dance just beyond the grasp of "traditional" comprehension. Indeed, this same trait becomes increasingly apparent the further one delves into The Archivist and its author's intricate net. The final product, constantly evolving in an organic manner at Mr. Kerley's whim, reads like notes from a distant future, a future in which our very own existence is both historically tenuous and contextually endangered.

I strongly urge you to start your own journey into The Archivist files HERE.

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