Friday, October 28, 2011

October's Trading Card Features Bob Perelman

October's Poetry Trading Cards have arrived and they feature new work from Language School poet, critic and editor Bob Perelman.

Bob Perelman's
first book Braille, a series of "improvisations" inspired by William Carlos Williams, was published in 1975. His many works since then include The First World (1986), Face Value (1988), Virtual Reality (1993), Playing Bodies (2003) and IFLIFE (2006).

These limited-edition poetic collectibles are printed on recycled paper and available for just 99 cents on our website.

Subscriptions to the entire 2011 series are just $10 plus shipping and, for you collectors out there, our 2010 Poetry Trading Cards are still available.

Happy Reading,

Travis & JenMarie
Fact-Simile Editions

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