Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sawako Nakayasu Poetry Trading Cards Are Here And They're HUGE

This is big. Really big. Never has a 2.5 x 3.5" piece of cardboard loomed so large ... Sawako Nakayasu Poetry Trading Cards are here!

Sawako Nakayasu Poetry Trading Card

Sawako Nakayasu is the author of Texture Notes (Letter Machine, 2010), Hurry Home Honey (Burning Deck, 2009), and a translation of Kawata Ayane’s poetry, Time of Sky//Castles in the Air (Litmus Press, 2010) as well as Mouth: Eats Color (Rogue Factorial, 2011) with Chika Sagawa. Her translation of Takashi Hiraide’s For the Fighting Spirit of the Walnut (New Directions, 2008) received the 2009 Best Translated Book Award from Three Percent.

Her poetry trading card, patterned after a 1992 Topps baseball card design, features a photo by Alan Bernheimer and a new poem ("Huge Shadow") from her newest collection forthcoming from Les Figues Press.

Fact-Simile Poetry Trading Cards are printed on recycled paper and available for just 99 cents on our website. Subscriptions to the entire 2012 series are available at a discount and, as always, our 2010 and 2011 Poetry Trading Cards are still available individually or as a complete set.

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