Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fact-Simile Editions Welcomes its Newest Employee: AB Dick 360!

We here at Fact-Simile Editions would like to offer a warm welcome to the newest member of our team: AB Dick 360! Many thanks to the amazing Joe Richey who made our latest hire possible.


David (Michael) Wolach said...

this is amazing. evergreen, where i do book arts, has one of the largest collections of letterpresses in the country (one of the greatest perks of teaching there) - & yet going from that world to this one makes me feel like getting a new computer.


david wolach, wheelhouse

Michael said...

It looks just like mine. You don't by any chance have an experienced operator who could help me with a couple of questions? Cheers, Michael

Fact-Simile Editions said...


I'm afraid I don't...I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous and am hoping to learn more without losing a finger!